What to expect at Village Trivia

Legacy Village is proud to start a new Thursday night tradition on the Legacy Village Lawn. Every other Thursday throughout the summer, Village Trivia kicks off an evening of fun starting at 6:30pm. We want you to be prepared! Here is a helpful FAQ so that you are ready to navigate a night of knowledge!

What should I bring?
In order to play, one person from your team must have a smart phone or tablet.

Does it cost money to play?
Village Trivia is a free event! You are welcome to purchase take-out food or drinks from Legacy Village restaurants during play, but the game itself is free to participate.

What are the rules?
No shouting answers. No outside sources (such as phones!). The Quizmaster is always right.

How many people do you need to play?
Teams can consist of up to 8 players. For teams over 8, we would recommend breaking down to multiple teams. You do not need to play with the same team each week.

Can I connect to Wi-Fi?
Yes! We recommend connecting to “LV-GuestWiFi”. There is no password needed. You will just need to click “Accept” to the Wi-Fi terms in order to connect.

How do I join a game?
When you arrive, go to play.kingtrivia.com and type in the game code for that evening’s game. The game code will be announced and is written on a board on the Legacy Village Stage. You can login/register or play as a Guest. You will need to create a team name when you join. We will start promptly at 6:30pm.

How does the game work?
Our trivia game consists of 7 rounds. A Quizmaster hosts the game and asks the questions as players type in their responses. Each round is timed. The rounds are –

  1. General Knowledge
  2. Picture Round
  3. Theme Round
  4. Guess Who?
  5. Find the Connection
  6. Matching
  7. Create a List

What is double or nothing?
Double or nothing allows for a team to double their points for the round. Here’s the catch… you must have every single answer to the round correct OR you lose all points. If you have all answers to the round correct, you receive double points for the round. Not all rounds allow for double or nothing, but most do. You will see a checkbox at the end of the round if you are able to double that particular round.

What is the “Question of the Day”?
Legacy Village uses King Trivia to supply the questions to each week’s game. King Trivia provides one of the questions from the first round in advance. Here’s what you do… visit King Trivia’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page and look for the Question of the Day. There, you’ll find a question for the first round of the night. This allows you time to think about the answer!

What can I win?
First Place – $50 Legacy Village gift card
Second Place – $30 Legacy Village gift card
Third Place – Legacy Village picnic blankets

Upcoming Village Trivia Nights:

Thursday, July 6 at 6:30pm
Thursday, July 20 at 6:30pm
Thursday, August 3 at 6:30pm
Thursday, August 17 at 6:30pm
Thursday, August 31 at 6:30pm
*Trivia games are located on the lawn near Bar Louie and CPK.
**Game could be cancelled due to inclement weather. Check Legacy Village’s Facebook page for cancellation information.