Meet Legacy Live’s The No Name Band

If you have been attending Legacy Live concerts over the years, there’s a good chance that you have seen The No Name Band. They have a long history of playing music within Cleveland and have a unique start to their story.

The No Name Band had its beginnings in the early 80s when a group of young lawyers put together an oldies band called the “Barflies”. Over the years, many terrific lawyer-musicians have been added to the group bringing them to a robust eleven members! About 25 years ago, these additions allowed for the group to morph into an all-lawyer Motown/Classic Rock band that played almost exclusively for charitable benefits and for civic organizations, which many of the members are affiliated with. When asked what their most exciting performance has been to date, they shared that they really loved an event at Public Hall at which Hillary Clinton was the guest of honor! These performances would be played for free as giving back to the community is important to The No Name Band. In fact, to this day, they are a “not-for-profit” corporation. The regular band members are never compensated for their performances. The members of The No Name Band are rewarded by having a blast providing energetic performances and by being able to play for the love of making music.

Over the years, The No Name Band has generated a considerable following. To provide opportunities for fans to hear the band play (without having to pay an often-hefty price for a benefit ticket), they perform within the community at places like Legacy Village. They enjoy getting viewers up to dance and smile and want everyone to have a great time with timeless classics! The group plays a variety of music, but most members really love The Beatles and many of the early Motown artists, such as The Temptations, The Four Tops & Martha and the Vandellas.

Members of The No Name Band include-

Peter Brodhead:  Keyboards
Steve Shafron:  Trumpet
Kris Treu:  Trombone, Vocals
Randy Solomon:  Sax, Guitar, Vocals
Hugh McKay:  Vocals
Doug McWilliams:  Bass, Vocals
Gina Davidson:  Vocals
Toni Gideon:  Vocals
Jim Robenalt:  Guitar, Vocals
Tom Getz:  Drums
Ken Cali:  Lead Guitar

The No Name Band is performing on Saturday, September 9th from 5-8pm at Legacy Village. They are excited to return to performing after a summer hiatus. When interviewing Randy Solomon (Sax, Guitar, Vocals), he shared that the group loves playing at Legacy Village because it is an “accessible, laid back, beautiful venue with great sound where our fans can relax, watch the show and even have a meal at the same time!” The band is excited about their return and feel that the energy level during the performance will reflect that excitement!