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CLE Rocks

Raw Sugar Art Studio has been creating some of the most collectable concert posters around for decades. “Who knew that the flyers and posters we made so long ago that you would see in places like the local record shops, people would be collecting them today, that’s pretty cool.”
Led by the artist “Bear”, their work has not just hung in “the local record shops” as he says. They have been on display in as places as diverse as museums, art galleries, historic clubs like CBGB’s and the Hard Rock. You might not even realize it but you probably have seen them in magazine ads, movies and television shows and obviously you are hard pressed to go into a bar or restaurant around town where music is important and not see one hanging on a wall.
With over 4800 posters created over the decades, there is probably one for a concert you went to. “It’s fun at times to sit down and look at the different posters we did thru different periods of our lives and I can see what the mind set was at that time by just looking at the art. The colors that were used were a huge expression of what was going on at that time”. They have not only created over time a visual slideshow of Cleveland’s rock heritage, but also for concerts in Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo and even shows in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana and as far west as Colorado.
Now they are opening their first store as they bring CLE Rocks to Legacy Village.
“It’s an exciting venture to come to Legacy Village”, Bear says. “It will be cool to watch the faces of the people when they walk into the store and see a bit of Cleveland’s music history but there is nothing like when they see a poster of the first concert they ever went to, that’s when their face really lights up.”

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